Welcome to the world of online learning! One of the most import aspects of online learning is knowing what the expectations are.  Online courses set themselves apart from the traditional lecture-style classroom with the addition of interactive components. Participants in an online course communicate with other course participants under the guidance of a facilitator. Facilitators are specially selected professionals who completed our Community Leader training course. They keep course discussions moving and direct participants' questions to the course developers.

How You Will Learn

This exploration consists mainly of guided, web-based research activities that uncover a wealth of resources and information. Requirements will consist of reading and examining web pages as well as occasional opportunities to interact with other educational professionals.

What is Required of You

This is a self-directed experience in which each learner is responsible for the quality of the learning. One of the advantages of online learning is that the participants have control over where, when and how much of the learning takes place. This course requires you to review the materials and topics outlined in each session and participate in activities and discussions for completion credit (See course rubric.)

Course Communication

One of the basic tenets proposed by Project Accelerate’s course developers is that you learn best in an online environment with a high degree of internal reflection and group participation. Be an active participant, question the text, keep a learning journal, use your favorite note taking method to help internalize the course content.

The number of discussion forums reflect the expectation of active participation in this course. It is important that you share your expertise and questions with the community to simulate the group discussions that you would be able to have in a face-to-face workshop. Feedback and commentary are the backbone of these courses. We have found through experience and course evaluations that educators who are the most involved in course activities such as chats, blogs, wikis, and forums tend to have the best outcomes. In order for you to spend your time well, we encourage regular posting and responding to other’s comments in the multiple forms of communication available.

Completion Credit

In order to receive completion credit for this course you must score a satisfactory complete or higher in all of the listed course rubric categories.

Time Required

You will have six weeks to complete this course pending successful completion.  You may have six weeks to complete, but you may finish earlier within that time frame.

How to Get the Most Out of This Course

  • Consider how the course impacts you as a student.
  • Contemplate how these activities, exercises, and instruction will impact the students who enroll in your classes.
  • Review the reading material in depth.
  • Complete the activities outlined in the course.
  • Thoughtfully participate in e-mails and discussions.
  • Above all, have fun.

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