Rubric for Overview of the "Teaching is Virtually Worth It!"
Adapted from the work of Giselle Martin-Kniep

In order to receive completion credit for this course you must score a Satisfactory complete or higher in all of the listed course rubric categories. Our rubrics are meant to evaluate your overall performance in this course by displaying Exemplary, Satisfactory or Incomplete levels of work. An Exemplary rating should be work that is above and beyond what is asked for in the course. A Satisfactory rating should be work that has met all of the course assignments and requirements. An Incomplete rating is work that did not meet all of the course assignments, requirements or didn’t participate at all. Failure to submit a final project will automatically qualify as an incomplete level.




Quality of Participation involves:

· Degree to which assignments are completed

· Completes all course assignments within recommended timeline.

· Completes most course assignments within recommended timeline

· Sporadically completes and/or fails to complete course assignments within recommended timeline

· Degree of participation in online communication (blogs, e-mail, forums, wikis, chat)

· Actively participates in appropriate online communications, responds to facilitator emails in timelymanner

· Participates in most online communications and responds to facilitator

· Rarely participates in online communications or respond to facilitator emails

Quality of Work involves:

· Degree to which participants’ connect course work to own professional experiences

· Work is clearly and explicitly described referencing participant’s specific and relevant professional experiences

· Work is clearly described referencing participant’s professional experiences

· Work is unclear, vague and seems unconnected to participant’s professional experiences

· Degree to which course work reveals participants’ effort and thinking

· Contributions are precise, relevant, insightful and original. Clear, detailed problem solving approach is used

· Contributions are specific, relevant and original. Problem solving approach used with some detail.

· Contributions are not specific or relevant. Complaining, rather than problem solving approach is used

Presentation of Work involves:

· The degree to which the online teaching kit  is organized and professional

· The  online teaching kit  is professional, focused and logically organized using precise and efficient language

· The kit is professional, logically organized.

· The kit is amateur-looking, disorganized, unprofessional with imprecise language

·The degree to which the iNacol  Standards for online teaching are integrated

 iNacol  Standards for online teaching are clearly identified and directly relate to participants’  online teaching kit

· iNacol  Standards for online teachingare listed but not detailed or don't correlate well to participants online teaching kit

· iNacol  Standards for online teaching are not present or do not connect to participants’ online teaching kit

·The degree to which the online teaching kit reflects the  iNacol  Standards for online teaching

· The  iNacol  Standards for online teaching included in the online teaching kit are clearly delineated and focused

· The  iNacol  Standards for online teaching are sufficiently explained

· The  iNacol  Standards for online teaching are missing or do not correlate



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