Topic outline

  •  The online teacher knows the primary concepts and structures of effective online instruction and is able to create learning experiences to enable student success.

    When you visit a colleague's classroom do you immediately have a "vibe" or a flavor, maybe a feel for the class atmosphere? You'll find out that it's practically the same thing when students log into your online class.

    Your last assignment in this course is to create an Online Teaching Kit for submission. A template has been included below to assist you in the final course task.  This kit will be instrumental as you work with students in a virtual environment.

    Use the template below and be sure to include the following:

    • iNacol's standards (basis for the  kit)
    • Welcome message (Remember, this would be the first contact with students.)
    • Introductory message which describes you and your teaching style
    • Roles and responsibilities of both student and teacher
    • Student expectations
    • Grading and communication policy ( online routine)
    • Additional resources