Topic outline

  •  Goal: The online teacher plans, designs, and incorporates strategies to encourage active learning, application, interaction, participation, and collaboration in the online environment



    • to understand the value of instrinsic motivation
    • to apply learning about instrinsic motivation to an online learning experience
    • to describe methods or strategies to motivate a student who is unlikely to complete a course

    What is motivation and how does it impact learning? What does it mean for my online students?

    Let's try our own little experiment and see how it impacts your motivation!

    In this exercise you will have three choices related to your exploration of this topic. You may select from the following options:

    1. Read several research articles provided for you about motivation and be ready to comment on your connections.
    2. Watch Daniel Pink's video on motivation and its relationship to a business model. Relate his key points to education and how they intersect. Predict how the parallels will impact your online course.
    3. Find resources online or in the library about motivation. Share common elements with participants.
    4. Create a combo of several options! (for overachievers only!!)

    In any case, your job is to collect evidence on the value of intrinsic motivation. You will also be asked to talk about the impact of choice in this exercise and how it affected you.